A Strong History

With a track record of consistent success and having founded Moscom in the 1980's, the founders of Xelex were able to create one of the first and largest Telecom Expense Management (TEM) and Convergent Billing Companies in the world. AT&T, Siemens, Alcatel, Nokia, Phillips and British Telecom all sold Moscom products as managed by the same team that drives Xelex today.

When Xelex was formed in 2001, the goal was to leverage past relationships with various landline service providers and bring forth a carrier-grade software application platform, (Symphony™) that was as powerful as it was cost-effective, to enable the past landline providers to get into the wireless marketplace. With the ability to deliver anywhere in the world, Xelex quickly began to pursue its initiative and completed its first project in Malawi, Africa. Today, our global footprint includes clients worldwide and our management team brings experience from over 500 installations around the globe with over 100 software products developed to date.

Our product development is reaching advancements that now carry a U.S. Patent Pending associated with our MobileTrack™ Platform. Xelex continues to develop products to keep up with the ever-changing world of international telecommunication and service organizations (GSMA) out to the enterprise and consumer markets.

Today, Xelex is focused on growing relationships associated with the distribution of the Symphony™ products. The goal is to elevate these offerings as strategic resources for those looking for a consistent source of software infrastructure or an enhancement to existing offerings.