Billing/Customer Relationship Management

The Symphony Billing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution provides a single point of reference for the billing of all products and services for any given customer. It provides easy access to the history of all inbound and outbound communication, and gives customer service representatives the tools to find information and answer questions about their customer’s service, rates, discounts and more.

This flexible platform enables users of any customer care and billing application to perform their everyday tasks with ease, speed and confidence. This system can become an integral part of any CCB application, enhancing its value and utility without the expense and effort of replacing the whole OSS platform. With its superior flexibility, it will grow with you as your needs change and as you deploy new service plans.

What makes Symphony Billing/CRM different?
  • No need for new software design – our system meets your requirements through configuration alone with complete rules-based architecture
  • Integrated CRM capabilities are part of the core billing system, resulting in a fully integrated CCB platform
  • Greater awareness of customer standing encourages upselling and implies a positive customer experience
  • Gives greater freedom to marketing people to create special promotional packages, which will be supported in the billing process
  • No need to retrain CSRs for new product packaging
  • No need to retrain CSRs for new product packaging
  • Stand-alone convenience, yet fits into our full suite of solutions
  • Reduces customer churn by providing real-time data for informative decision making and prioritization of agents’ actions on behalf of customers
  • Integrated tool manages revenue leakage by identifying unprofitable customers
iBill Presentment & Payment

Internet Bill Presentment & Payment solution enables Service Providers presenting customer invoices in real-time for viewing, switching to different rate plans as well as making payments. This tool should be an integral part of any enterprise's business operations. Xelex's solution for Internet Bill Presentment & Payment is designed as a tool that customers can use if they have online access to their account. Not only does it allow subscribers independent management of their accounts, but it also reduces Service Provider's cost of having a live person on the phone and/or costs associated with paper-based billing processes, such as: bill production, mailing and postage costs. It also speeds cash flow by offering customers an immediate full featured, secure payment system.

In general, this tool provides value-added functionality to improve and enhance customer experience with their Service Provider. A lot of subscribers have adopted the convenience of using EBPP (Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment) due to the convenience.

Features & Benefits of Symphony iBill Solutions

However, Xelex Technologies' R&D team took this concept further and that’s why our product is called iBill Presentment & Payment, where 'i' stands for "integrated". Any utility company, providing multiple voice services, such as wireless, wire line, various data services as well as water, gas and electric can now offer a fully convergent bill – we link several systems to extract pertinent financial information and present it in a single cohesive view, showing all levels of detail for telephone, water and gas usage. Our product seamlessly integrates multiple systems using the most advanced Internet technologies. Thus, Symphony iBill Presentment & Payment application dramatically reduces the costs by integrating multiple systems if necessary. The end user, be it the subscriber or the call center representative, can find answers to questions quickly by using a single web-based interface.

The online bills are built using the drill-down functionality so that the user can see only as much as they need to: starting with the summary high level view of the bill all the way down to details about each call or data event. The flexibility of the Internet allows this system to be used by Service Provider personnel as well as by their end-users - the subscribers, letting them 'help themselves' by retrieving their account information in a matter of seconds.

Xelex iBill Presentment & Payment solution is a full featured, intuitive web based application, which can be accessed from the corporate Intranet or over the Internet. Upon successful login, the system presents a list of all bills generated for a specific account and allows a specific selection for viewing. It is that simple!

Xelex consultants will work with you to determine the most efficient strategy and scenarios for iBill Presentment & Payment, so that you can benefit the most by using this tool. We will custom tailor the view of the bill to your needs. As long the data exists in your OSS repository(s), we will access it and present it the way you want to see it.