Customer Self-Care

The Customer Portal provides a full-featured interface for the operator’s customers/subscribers/account holder which gives them more control over their services, features and financials. It is secure and is accessible only when the user provides a service number, password and a pin code. Once the authentication is completed and access is granted, they can view their rates, or any discounts if applicable, manage their rate plans, features, bills and monitor their usage of voice, data and text.

  • Intuitive and streamlined navigation
  • Secure access
  • Ability to view everything about the customer, stored in the system:
    • Customer’s Name
    • Service Number
    • Rate Plan Details
    • Discounts, if applicable
    • Service Charges
    • Payments
    • Usage
    • and more
  • The user can change password
  • The user can manage Friends and Family list
  • The user can download Usage Details for a selected billing period in CSV format
  • Financial information is displayed at the finger tips for primary account holders
  • Current and past invoices can be displayed and printed for primary account holders
What makes Symphony Executive Dashboard different?
  • Available anytime from anywhere 24/7/365
  • Access in near real-time usage for selected service (voice, SMS, data, IPTV, etc.)
  • The Customer Portal operates on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari
  • Easy and quick in implementation of new features
  • No need for installations as the Symphony Customer Portal can be accessed through web
  • Quick turnaround of carrier’s requirements to improve end users experience
  • Robust performance