Convergent Mediation for all IP, Mobile or Fixed services.

Symphony Mediation is a high availability, rules-based, convergent collection and mediation platform that collects raw network usage data and transforms it into rich, billable business information. Symphony™ Mediation platform can accept any event/record format that the network may generate and generates rich records in any format required by OSS or BSS systems.

The Symphony Mediation platform can accept any event/record format that the network may generate, and creates rich records in any format required by OSS or BSS systems. Information can be aggregated, filtered and validated as needed.

Fixed Line, Wireless and Data Usage Mediation

The future will be IP and Wireless data-based, but given the huge investment in existing telephony (fixed and mobile) networks, these will not disappear any time soon. Symphony™ Mediation supports interfaces and CDR formats for all of the major switch and OSS/BSS vendors as well as many others.


Sophisticated Billing Models for IP based products and services can only be implemented through the use of a sophisticated mediation system. Without flexible and scalable mediation, "usage-based" and "content-based" billing is not possible. This is because IP network elements do not generate "billing friendly" usage information. Instead, they generate large volumes of piecemeal usage information across many disparate network elements. Symphony™ Mediation enables the creation of self-contained, billable records.

By using our distributed Symphony Input Modules (SIMs) close to the network elements, Symphony™ Mediation is able to control and manage the real-time collection of vast volumes of network data. Once collected, this data is reduced down to meaningful billing information using flexible and powerful filtering, aggregation and correlation tools. This billing information can be represented in the industry standard IPDR format or any other format required.

Symphony Mediation is not tied to any single billing model. Instead, the most flexible approach possible has been taken allowing complete flexibility to implement the business rules required to support virtually any future-billing model. This provides the user with the ability to launch new products and services quickly in full support of the marketing department and regulatory requirements.

What makes Symphony Billing/CRM different?
  • all mediation data on a single platform, avoiding duplication of costs
  • Helps get new products to market faster with seamless integration between new network elements and billing systems
  • Puts control in your hands with easy-to-use configuration tools
  • Stand-alone convenience, yet fits into our full suite of solutions
  • Real-time visual representation of the health of your current billing platform
Key Features of Symphony™ Mediation:
  • Full convergence (IP, Mobile & Fixed)
  • Scalable and flexible per user configurable formats
  • Supports complex record structures including ASN-1 and TAP-3
  • File-based and real-time data collection, processing and distribution
  • Web-based application for ease of use for monitoring of collectors, collected files, audits, alarms and more
  • Optional redundancy configuration for no single point of failure
  • Integration with external customer databases
  • Validation and in-stream record correction
  • Data reduction (filtering and aggregation)
  • Transformation/normalization
  • Record creation and enrichment
  • Automatic reference data loading from external sources
  • Correlation
  • Duplicate data detection
  • Error messaging, alarming and record processing
  • User level system security
  • Data integrity and audit capabilities
  • Full, built-in auditing processes
  • User friendly GUI interface
  • Context sensitive help
Benefits of Symphony™ Mediation

Symphony™ is a Vendor Independent platform. While able to interface with all of the key network elements and OSS/BSS systems, Symphony™ is not tied to any single vendor. Symphony™ is suitable for supporting environments consisting of a wide range of network equipment from a wide range of vendors simultaneously.

A single mediation platform.
Avoid duplication of costs for multiple systems.

Get new products to market faster.
Reduce time to market for new service and product offerings.

The control is in your hands.
Quickly and easily implement changes to mediation formats and rules.

Immediate Deployment
Satisfy immediate business needs.

Fast, Accurate Data
Each OSS and BSS system receives only the data it needs, in the format it requires.