This effective tool allows you to expedite the processing of service orders by automatically updating switches within minutes.

The Switch Interface System interacts with the switch to provide quick turnaround time for service orders that update the switch. Update functions include adding and changing phone numbers, line circuits, carrier PICs, features, and disconnecting and reconnecting accounts.

  • Automatically update telephone numbers, line circuits, carrier PICs, features, disconnects and reconnects
  • Immediate reconnection of disconnected accounts when payment is received
  • After hours or weekend service orders handled automatically – no waiting for the next business day for a technician to reconnect service
  • Continuously update the switch or schedule updates throughout the day
  • Automatically complete service orders when the routing sequence is complete
  • Unsuccessful transactions generate alarms – the commands are queued until the problem is resolved and then automatically applied
  • Review the status of transactions that have been or scheduled to be sent to the switch
  • The Symphony Audit compares the line circuits, line class, features and carrier PICs in the billing system to what is assigned in the switch
  • Provides capability to test before implementing
What makes Symphony Provisioning different?
  • No need for new software design – our system meets your requirements through configuration alone with a complete rules-based architecture
  • Customize your commands and disconnect rules
  • Expedite the processing of service orders
  • Ensures that you maintain the advantage with your customers
  • Stand-alone convenience, yet fits into our full suite of solutions