Symphony™ Rating Engine

Symphony Rating is a flexible, carrier-grade rating technology for highly convergent billing environments where the requirement is for high-volume processing power combined with exceptional adaptability, accuracy and control.

The Symphony Rating Engine delivers unbeatable performance in both real-time and batch modes while simultaneously managing multiple, disparate transaction data streams, including voice (fixed and wireless), data (IP and wireless), multi-media, utilities and finance transactions. Plus, it can be quickly reconfigured by the service provider to support new products and services as they are offered.

What makes Symphony Rating different?
  • No need for new software design – our engine meets your requirements through configuration alone with complete rules-based architecture
  • Designed to allow for limitless growth – scale out rather than scale up
  • Helps get new products to market faster with seamless integration between new network elements and billing systems
  • Puts control in your hands with easy-to-use configuration tools
  • Stand-alone convenience, yet fits into our full suite of solutions
  • Full convergence (IP, Mobile & Fixed)
  • High-volume performance and multi-environment flexibility
  • Real-time data collection, processing and distribution
  • Rates for duration, locations, time of day, and type of service
  • Runs on a single one-processor system or a multi-machine/multi-processor environment
  • Rated at over 22 hundred transactions per second on a single platform
  • Scalability to effectively manage your changing mediation needs
  • Implement new offerings without changing your current CC&B system
  • Interface with virtually any device that delivers usage-based data
  • User friendly GUI interface
  • Flexible discounting
  • Complex tax structures supported
  • Suspense processing
Performance, Flexibility and Control

Symphony™ Rating delivers unbeatable performance in both real-time and batch modes, while at the same time managing multiple, disparate transaction data streams seamlessly. For example, Voice (Fixed and Wireless), Data (IP and Wireless), Multi-media, utilities and finance transactions can be effectively converged and simultaneously processed with no sacrifice of control.

True Convergence

Designed with real-time processing in mind, Symphony™ Rating incorporates the principles that support high-volume performance and multi-environment flexibility. Integral to the design is a processing concept based on ‘External Rules Based Architecture.’ This enables Symphony to handle volume transaction environments with ease. With true convergence built in at the core, Symphony excels at integrating multiple, heterogeneous services. It is this infrastructure that is essential for centralized transaction management.

Over 2,200 Transactions per Second

Symphony™ Rating is a Microsoft.Net Application and can run on a single one-processor system to a multiple machine multiple processor environment. On a single-platform, it has been benchmarked at rating over 22 hundred transactions per second.

Your Total Rating Solution

Telecommunications, Internet, multi-media, e-commerce, financial services and utilities are just a few of the many transaction-based services that Symphony™ Rating can handle. Key to this flexibility is Symphony™’s External Rules Definition. This allows users to rapidly define or redefine their own business rules at any time, without expensive and time-consuming software development.

The system supports any number of variable transaction sources and any combination of rating variables – such as fixed, periodic, measured, content-based, activity-based and service-quality-based.

The capability of Symphony™ is not limited to the single interpretation of any source transaction, but can also manage scenarios where the same transaction needs to be viewed and rated from multiple perspectives (eg. retail, wholesale, split/distributed revenue, split cost, etc.)

With Symphony™, you are always in control.

Its business rules are infinitely redefinable. Its potential data sources are endless. Your opportunities for future business directions are unlimited.