Now more than ever, roaming managers need accurate, up-to-date, reliable information to help maximize efficiency and increase revenue. Waiting up to five days for critical information from the clearing house just won’t do. Turn to Symphony Roaming and replace many of the tasks and fees of the clearing house while offering centralized control and faster revenue realization. The Symphony Roaming Suite of Applications is fully featured, and includes a Roaming Executive Dashboard, and Symphony Fraud Control.

Symphony Roaming Features
  • Support for standard, bilateral and hubbing agreements
  • Support for all world currencies, as well as currency rates based on date and time
  • Latest version – easy to upgrade as versions change
  • Complete web-based interface for rates and carriers
  • Reports module that allows users to create, schedule and distribute reports
  • Greater detail than clearing house info, including call logging, total individual usage and more
  • Complete TAP/RAP and CIBER file processing
  • Tracking of all file activity from any switch into any billing system
  • Complete suspense processing for records determined to be in error for billing as well as for TAP and CIBER
  • Rate verification
  • Certified by major clearing houses
Roaming Executive Dashboard Features
  • High-level management tool that puts critical information at your fingertips as it happens
  • Real-time view of roaming activity to give you the power to react immediately
  • Unprecedented forecasting abilities, up to a year out
Symphony Fraud Control Features
  • Full NRTRDE compliance with support of all record types (voice, data, SMS, GPRS)
  • Ability to use your existing data mediation system or deploy Symphony Mediation
  • Input record filtering for messaging, translation and delivery within GSMA guidelines
  • Your choice of any IP connectivity (GRX, VPN, or direct link)
  • Seamless interface with other NRTRDE vendors, partners and clearing houses
  • Support of file transfer monitoring and reporting, including TD.35 delivery report, error reporting, activity and traffic reports
  • Ability to set alarms and notification methods for long calls, total usage, credit limits and more
  • Flexible file (data) transmission frequency within GSMA guidelines
What makes Symphony's Roaming different?
  • Seamless interface with your billing system – no need to uproot your existing process
  • Completely integrated with the Mediation, Rating and Billing Systems, giving the user peak performance and a central point of control
  • Stand-alone convenience, yet fits into our full suite of solutions
  • Flexibility to quickly accommodate changes in switch formats or software upgrades as they occur