MobileTrack, Customizable Control & Tracking

Symphony™ is a carrier-grade, stand-alone, turnkey platform that enables service providers or resellers to launch new Business Support Systems (BSS) applications and service offerings within their existing OSS.

Symphony™ architecture allows new products and applications to be implemented quickly and easily without sacrificing the existing business systems investment, delivering a mechanism for real-time data transaction management and mediation.

Symphony™ Advantages
End-to-end / Add-on Modules
Use as a comprehensive BSS or integrate stand-alone modules with existing infrastructure.
Seamless Implementation
Symphony's intuitive 100% rules based configuration allows it to work with virtually any existing systems.
Low Risk Deployment
Can be purchased as a hosted service and implemented one module at a time.
New Revenue Opportunities
Build new revenue streams through expanded product offerings made possible by the rules based modules.
Fully Integrated
Modules are completely integrated. Deal with less pieces, less vendors, no more "it's not us" excuses.
Completely Customizable
Adapt to changing business environment, accommodate new marketing initiatives.
Highly Scalable
Accommodate both increased functionality and increased volumes without need for replacement.
Application Platform
An ideal platform for the development of fully integratable OSS/BSS and mobile applications.
Symphony™ Features
Scalability Cost-effectively manage your growing needs and marketing objectives.
Convergence Safely and effectively bring together real time data from various systems and network elements into one converged invoice.
Modularity Allow for rapid implementation of new service offerings and network technologies without changing or upgrading your current CC&B.
Manageability Assist in storing, querying, modifying, migrating and reporting various data types and structures through custom dashboards.
Extendability Scalable architecture that enables it to run across multiple processors/machines, allowing for limitless growth "scale out" rather than "scale up."
Flexibility Interface with virtually any device capable of delivering usage-based information.
Laptop & Phone using Symphony

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